Circle of Fifths

This is my most recent group of paintings. For the benefit of anyone not familiar with music theory, the circle of fifths refers to phenomenon in music where given a key, such as C, the next key in the circle, G, differs from C by only one note, and so on to D, A, E, etc., around the circle of all 12 keys until you return to C.

I decided to name the series so because I worked them largely simultaneously, moving from painting to painting in the same session, so there are corresponding similarities. The paintings are shown more or less in the order they were completed.

All the paintings are 24 in. x 24 in., oil, oil impasto and metallic paint on canvas.

Circle of Fifths: C 
Circle of Fifths: G

Circle of Fifths: D
Circle of Fifths: A

Circle of Fifths: E
Circle of Fifths: B

Circle of Fifths: F-sharp
Circle of Fifths: C-sharp

Circle of Fifths: A-flat
Circle of Fifths: E-flat

Circle of Fifths: B-flat

Circle of Fifths: F